About Us

Todd Pearl, aka TDog, is a fun-loving artist whose lifelong mission is to advocate for cannabis coming to light in the general marketplace. His message is this: Normalization is tantamount to proper legalization and access to Mother Earth's medicine should be had by all. As an accomplished brand developer, designer, illustrator, mad artist, and overall creative guru, TDog has had the joy and privilege to work with some of the best in the biz. A mission of Todd’s is to design and illustrate his take on every worthy cannabis strain known to mankind; a monumental task. His art is not about conforming. It’s an art revolution designed to make you smile, think, and most importantly participate in the chillax-ness of the cannabis nation. This website is designed to share his cannabis tribute art with the masses. It’s time to educate, elevate, and celebrate!

Todd Pearl aka TDog